ArcherCTS provides you with expert financial services, give you the solution for entire trading technology. There is absolutely no need to look out for other service providers, ArcherCTS has a fully integrated business solution. Our experts will guide you to assist in Forex banking, licensing and payments. Our team members take an active share in comprehending the needs of our clients to begin with your own Forex Brokerage or if you are looking for some additional solutions for the growth of your business. Our professional crew members are specialized to assist you in working within your budget. We have a very good reputation for providing a solution for online financial trading companies.

The archer’s solution to starting your own Forex brokerage includes :

  • 1. MT4 trading platform along with Web trader, MAM, mobile, everything with fully branded products,
  • 2. Support room with complete training,
  • 3. Risk Management
  • 4. fully incorporated website and automated payment solutions.

You need to set up your own online trading company which requires knowledge and experience in the same field. ArcherCTS will pay attention to all the provisions for guiding you in processing until the completion of all your corporate requirements.

How to get the Forex trading license

Look out for the various options, when selecting the right prospect for brokerage.

  • 1. The cost you need to bear when you initially begin with
  • 2. Maintenance cost
  • 3. Cost of operation
  • 4. The location you select should be easily accessible
  • 5. There should be good local support
  • 6. The banking and payment solutions

ArcherCTS will take into consideration your current situation and give you the most appropriate solution to address your concerns.ArcherCTS can help you with risk management, it has created appropriate tools for brokers to handle their own risks and to make the right decision.

Valuable services provided by  ArcherCTS

ArcherCTS are experts in providing solutions for trading technologies. Our ArcherCTS experts have gone to great extents to establish a High Availability Environment for all the users. A fully hosted service solution helps in maintaining your own server and to support the personnel expenditure. This cloud-based service is hosted by Amazon’s acclaimed server. It gives complex solutions in handling managerial or technical issues. This cloud-based system also aids in reducing the overall IT cost and provides access to traditional infrastructural solutions.

ArcherCTS also supports the broker’s system, manages the risks involved and technically supports the services, in-room monitors. If you want to get solutions, contact our support team members, they will take the initiative to help you deal with all your questions in an efficient way. The support team offers the following benefits to its brokers:

  • 1. 24/6 dealing with technical support are constantly available to assist you
  • 2. You can access the latest technology as well as Forex industry development
  • 3. Advice from a trained business specialist
  • 4. Personal client support
  • 5. Intensified training for brokers by giving them trade secrets to handling financial brokerage successfully.

In conclusion, turn to our professionals at ArcherCTS Broker Expert Solutions for obtaining innovative solutions for Forex Banking solutions.