Forex Trading License or Regulation

Establishing a trading license for your existing Forex and CFD operation or setting up your Forex trading license or regulation for your newly established Brokerage is one of the most important and strategic decisions you will need to make in the life-cycle of your brokerage.

Is it the right time for Licensing?
The very first question that should be asked and dealt with, is the following; is this the right time for me, under my current situation to seek a Forex trading license, and if so which license? In which jurisdiction?

There are many different options in the World today that offer licensing for Forex. When selecting the appropriate option for your brokerage you need to address several different concerns; such as:

  1. The location of your clientele,
  2. The cost and requirements of setting up,
  3. The cost and requirements of maintaining your operation,
  4. The ability to passport into different jurisdictions,
  5. The ability to expand your operations,
  6. The location of the jurisdiction and ease of access to your place of origin,
  7. The availability of good local support,
  8. The reputation of the jurisdiction,
  9. The banking and payment solutions as well as marketing alternatives that will be available as a direct result of the license,

ArcherCTS will be able to analyze your current situation and find you the most appropriate solution to meet your needs.

Alternatives include:
1. Bulgaria, MiFID Regulation. The Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission FSC

2. Cyprus, CySEC Regulation, MiFID.

3. Malta, MFSA Regulation, MiFID.

4. United Kingdom, FCA

5. New Zealand FSP and FMA

6. Australia ASIC

7. Belize, International Financial Services Commission, FSC

8. Seychelles, Seychelles Financial Services Authority, FSA

9. British Virgin Islands (BVI), FSC

10. Labuan, Financial Services Authority, FSA

11. Vanuatu, Financial Services Commission, FSC

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