Payment Solutions

Archer Consultants helps you start your business with the right partners that know and understand your side of the business and can offer business payment solutions so that you can thrive and survive. Our solution providers are familiar with Forex Brokers Companies and match you up with a service that delivers.

At Archer we understand that having a flexible payment system is paramount to success. It is for this reason that we have identified payment providers that will work with your Forex company and allow you to receive funds easily in multiple jurisdictions and in multiple currencies thus reducing costs and decreasing the time of receipt of payment as well as making the payments from end clients much easier thus increasing conversion.

Payment services are crucial to the continued operation of the online trading company. There are three main points to consider when seeking a payment service provider (PSP).

  1. Direct Merchant Access of Shared Account services
  2. Security of Funds
  3. Authorization of client purchase rate
  4. Discount Rate

At ArcherCTS, we will enquire into the working of your business to see what you are looking for and match the provider accordingly, to either increase your approval rate, reduce your costs, increase your security or all of the above.