Risk Management

ArcherCTS is a trading technology provider. The full technology solution is SaaS based, which means a fully hosted solution with 24 hour service; essentially ArcherCTS is your outsourced trading technology partner. Your risk decisions are supported by ArcherCTS broker consultants but NOT determined by us. The solution offered by ArcherCTS is not a white label partenrship, but rather a technology solution.
Your brokerage has the right and the ability to decide on its own risk management procedures. You are able to have 100% “A Book”, 100% “B Book” or anything in between.
All A Book trades are routed directly to a dedicated account separated individually by broker; all B Book trades are authorized by the ArcherCTS configured Virtual Dealer.
1. Risk Management
2. A and B book capability
3. Manned Virtual Dealer for B book execution
4. A book direct to Liquidity

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