At Archer CTS all brokerage servers solutions are fully hosted in-house, so there is no need for third party involvement.
The trading technology solutions are fully integrated and customized to the broker’s needs.
The ArcherCTS Forex CRM, and CMS System have both been tailored to the Forex Broker industry by experienced industry specialists and both connect to the customized MT4 platform to create a synchronized network which is hosted by ArcherCTS.
Why Fully Hosted?

  1. A Fully Hosted Service solution is ideal if you don’t want the expense and complication of maintaining your own servers and the support personnel costs.
  2. It is a cloud based service hosted by Amazon’s own acclaimed servers. It’s robust, powerful, and allows you to enjoy the benefits of this service without all the technical know-how and day to day management of such a complex solution.
  3. This Cloud based service helps you to reduce your overall IT costs and gives you access to platform at a fraction of the cost of traditional infrastructure solutions.