When trying to adapt a third party Forex trading website into an existing, fully integrated environment can be an integration challenge. This challenge often forces the broker to outsource the building and integration of his website to a third party, due to the difficulty in API integration to the trading technology provider. This invariantly brings on additional issues in regarding the control of the brokerage website. Since the website itself is built and maintained by a third party provider, the control of the website as well as the code are not the property of the broker.

Simple tasks like adding a page, changing content or photos or even and in particular more serious tasks as adding in a new language are totally controlled by a third party provider. It’s not only the associated costs that become an issue but the time it takes to make changes, when the changes are not being controlled by the broker.

At ArcherCTS integration is made easy, and control is kept with the broker himself. Whether you as a brokerage choose to either design your own Forex trading website or integrate an existing website the solution is the same. Due to the advanced trading technology offered by ArcherCTS your existing website can be integrated in a matter of days, including any design work that needs to be done.

If you choose to use one of ArcherCTS’s existing designs, then even that is not necessary since all we require is your logo, content and pictures to provide you with a unique website that has been built for maximum conversion.

The integration of your website and automated payments allow your clients to access a post registration area known as “My Account”.

From the “My Account Area” found within your Forex website, your clients will be able to view:
 1. Their Accounts
 2. Their Account Statements
 3. Trading exposure, trade history including open trades
 4. Their personal details
Further, from the “My Account Area” found within your Forex website, your clients will be able to:
 5. Fund their Accounts
 6. Upload their Documents for compliance
 7. Request or cancel a withdrawal
 8. Issue reports

However more than the features the most important aspect to the ArcherCTS is the complete control of the broker to his own website, including the code.