At ArcherCTS the support (Service) room monitors our brokers’ systems and offers dealing, risk management and technical support for all ArcherCTS solutions. The support team is the one and only point of contact for all ArcherCTS solutions, and they deal with broker’s questions quickly and efficiently thereby saving the broker time and effort of having to contact other departments.
At ArcherCTS, the support team offers its brokers

  1. Customized and personal client support
  2. 24/6 dealing and technical support
  3. Guidance from experienced industry specialists
  4. Access to latest technology and Forex industry developments

Broker Training:
As a part of the Archer CTS trading technology Solution for Brokers, the broker will be intensively trained by experienced Archer CTS broker consultants on the multiple Archer systems and solutions. This training will also include giving you the trade secrets to successfully run a Forex and financial brokerage, thereby opening the door to you to build a successful Forex business!

The broker will go through an intensive training course on the MT4, ArcherCTS Forex CRM and CMS to begin with, and follow ups will be done along the way as needed. Once on-board, the broker will be constantly updated and trained on the latest trading technology and Forex industry developments, giving the broker a competitive edge.